shopper brain academy

Shopper Habits: A Strategic Approach

September 9-10, 2019. Amsterdam
The Shopper Brain Academy presents a 2-day business course on marketing from a habitual perspective. You will learn how habits are formed in the brain, how these habits undermine new marketing approaches and why a thorough understanding of habitual buying is essential for every marketer.


Participants learn a new model of consumer behavior and how to apply it to current marketing challenges – specifically:

1. Market research, consumer insights, shopper insights
2. Segmentation
3. Pricing
4. Distribution
5. Product management, innovation, new product development, growth and maintenance for existing products and services
6. B2B marketing
7. Strategic marketing

Location and Dates

Amsterdam, the Netherlands - September 9-10, 2019

Who should attend?

The program is crafted for managers, developers, designers, specialists, and business owners in areas like marketing, advertising, branding, pricing, strategy, social or digital media, CRM or communications.


Day 1: The force of habit

  • Foundations of behavioral marketing
  • Traditional marketing vs. neuromarketing research
  • A new model of consumer behavior
  • B2B: companies don’t buy from companies but from people

Day 2: How to become your customer’s habit?

  • Product management and behavioral marketing
  • Mobile and social marketing
  • The strategic imperative to habit marketing
  • Exercise in behavioral marketing

Course facilitator

Neale Martin has been working with high-tech companies since 1994, helping them adjust their strategic thinking in light of rapidly evolving market realities. For the past several years, he has worked on updating the principles of marketing in light of cognitive psychology and neuroscience research, which revealed that human behavior is mostly the result of unconscious habits. The result of this endeavor is ‘Habit: the 95% of Behavior Marketers Ignore’.


The registration fee is 1899 euro 1799 euro per person for everyone who signs up before June 1. This includes:
  • Your participation on both days, including catering
  • White paper with the habit model
  • Workbook 'force of habit'
  • A print copy of the book "Habits - the 95% marketers ignore"

After completion of the workshop, you will receive a certificate of participation and completion.

More info

For more information about the content course or interest in group rates please contact Carla Nagel at