shopper brain conference
RIO DE JANEIRO, aUGUST 30-31, 2018
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Thursday, August 30, 2018
9:00Registration and welcome coffee
9:45Opening of the Shopper Brain Conference SA
Carla Nagel
, Executive Director, Neuromarketing Science & Business Association


Reward Your Shopper's Brain to Build Loyalty
- How to retain existing customers?
- Beyond customer retention: activate your shopper's brain's reward system to keep shoppers coming back and generate higher sales
Roger Dooley, Founder, Dooley Direct


How Effective is Your In-Store Signage? Here's What Works for Toyota
- Key characteristics of effective (and ineffective) in-store signs
- What placement of signs works best for eye attractiveness?
- What messages are received most positively
Dale Jolley, Director, UVU Vivint Neuromarketing SMARTLab and Professor of Marketing at Utah Valley University





Drive Pack Performance at the Shelf
- Learn how the power of multiple neuroscience tools helped Pepsico capture consumer engagement
- Understand which elements of the refreshed pack drive attention, emotion and memory
- Measure the key messages and brand associations that the refreshed pack communicates
Janaína Brizante, Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience Lead, Brazil 


Designing a Package that Sells
Choosing the Package That Sends the Correct Message to Consumers
- Building the perceived value of a brand: the easy and practical way
- How to design packaging that sells?
- The 6 elements that sustain the perceived value of a brand, explained through success cases
Juan Roberto Castro, Head of Neurons Inc LatAm


2:00Panel: Retail Insights from Activation to Execution
A panel discussion about today’s shopper challenges, with senior shopper insights professionals
- The biggest challenges in shopper insights today
- The future of shopper insights
- Three innovations to look forward to
- Outstanding brands in shopper marketing
- The 5 lessons shopper marketers need to learn
Moderated by Carlos Augusto Costa, Director, FGV University

2:45 Building a Brand’s Low Price Perception: a Comprehensive Approach
Understand key learnings on price perception from Portugal’s retail market leader
- What do cheaper stores mean to consumers?
- What leads consumers to perceive that a brand has lower prices than its competitor?
- What role do elements like loyalty cards, store environments, and advertising play in price perception?
Maria Céu Santos, Direção Cliente, Estudos de Mercado, SONAE MC

3:15 Coffee-break

3:45 Understanding the Hunter-Gatherer Brain In-Store
- What hunter-gatherer mechanisms affect in-store behavior?
- Sensorial perception, emotional narratives and association memories
- Today's shopper brain: mental availability and attentional behavior changes
Billy Nascimento, co-founder and co-CEO, Forebrain

4:15The Role of the Physical Store in the New Retail Reality
- Buying processes in a radically changed shopping journey
- What to do with all the data being generated?
- What is the role of the physical store in the new shopping journey?
Mauricio Morgado, Marketing Professor, Fundação Getulio Vargas
4:45Wrap-up & Networking Drinks

8:00 Conference Dinner
Wining, dining, and meeting new colleagues and peers.

Friday, August 31, 2018
9:00Registration and welcome coffee



Insight into Action: Build Stronger Insights Using Path to Purchase Knowledge
- A new look towards shoppers and their paths to purchase
- How to make your brand more competitive and differentiated at the point of purchase
- A methodology that turns shopper insight into effective action plans, for in-store activities that deliver great results
Beatriz Cavalcante Chamie, Founder and Director, Shoppermkt Group


ROI: Return on Involvement
-  E-commerce: will we soon stop visiting stores, not because we need to, but because we want to?
- How to offer shoppers experiences that cannot be experienced in the digital channel
- Creating profitable, loyalty-inspiring, engaging experiences in a fast-growing society
Gilberto Strunck, Director of DIA Comunicação




Watch As They DO, Not As They SAY
A Qualitative Videometric Approach to Shopper Decision-Making
- How and why quantitative videometrics are the best approach to capture shopper-in-the-moment behaviors
- See what shoppers buy and hear why, in a real-world case
- Top 5 mistakes to avoid when doing video market research

12:15 Effective Packaging: Unwrapping Shopper’s Brains
- The latest neuroscientific findings on effective packaging design
- How does effective packaging lead to lasting connections with shopper’s brains?
- Real-world examples of ways successful brands connect with customers, and steps your company can take
Catherine Fairbanks, Senior Consultant, CBF Research Services

12:45 Lunch

1:45Unlocking Human Truth
Marketers invest significant innovation and communication effort across media channels to predispose consumers to purchase, and yet the natural in-store shopping environment remains underleveraged for motivating consumers. Inducing consumers to a positive emotional response, demonstrates that we can impact on a range of shopping behaviors and perceptions. Results reveal that when shoppers receive an in-person gift of a flower early in the shopping experience, it significantly increases their emotional arousal, reduces visual attention to price, boosts shopping enjoyment, and improves touch-to-purchase conversion rates, compared to shoppers who did not receive the flower gift. These findings suggest an opportunity for retailers and marketers to leverage environmental cues at the point of purchase to improve shopper satisfaction and potentially drive purchases.
Armando Mora Tellez, Global Director for Coca-Cola, Ipsos

2:15Out Of The Box:
A Crossmodal Perspective on Retail Atmospherics and Acoustical Design
- The latest research into the ways sound influences shopper behavior
- Information and inspiration how sound and acoustical design can be applied effectively
Steve Keller, CEO, iV
2:45Coffee break 
3:15Determining the Best Price With Implicit Association Testing
- What is implicit association testing?
- How to use implicit measures in price challenges
- Tips and tricks for shopper marketers and retailers
Speaker to be announced


How do Habits Undermine Marketing and What to Do About it?  
- What is habit-based behavior? 
- Which lessons can be drawn for shopper marketers? 
- The secrets of habitual buying that helps brands stand out  
Neale Martin, CEO, Sublime Behavior Marketing

4:30Networking drinks

What attendees of the Shopper Brain Conference shared with us:

  • "It was a very good event in terms of exchanging knowledge, networking..etc."
  • "I would love to attend the next year's event"
  • "Positive spirit, interesting interactions"
  • "An interesting and inspirational event with a lot of different speakers and cases"
  • "It was very comprehensive and the content was excellent"
  • "Nice place to get to know the experts in the field, get inspired and network. Heard some really excellent presentations."