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shopper brain conference
AMSTERDAM, October 30-november 1, 2019
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Bert Ohnemueller

Bert is one of the leading Shopper Marketing Experts. He developed the "thru the line marketing" concept, a process oriented strategy. Bert's experience is based on 30 years within the FMCG and retail industry. He believes, that the Point of Sale is a medium and the Shopper is the most important target audience.

Bert's vision is to build a bridge between the old and the new economy to combine Shopper Marketing and social media. Bert and his company are very proud to work for leading brands and retailers to maximise their succes within marketing and sales. Together with Achim Fringes, he founded the NeuroMerchandising Group on the 1st of July 2010. Helping clients to improve their Point of Sale, with their unique methodology of NeuroMerchandising. Bert is a lecturer for sales strategies and leadership.

Bert speaks on Not Everybody is Your Customer, But Everybody is Somebody
- Approaching the right individuals with the right message

- Insights from neuroscience and evolutionary biology and their impact on interpersonal communication - Success starts with the (wo)man in the mirror