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shopper brain conference
AMSTERDAM, October 30-november 1, 2019
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Martin de Munnik

From the very first day he started in advertising, over 30 years ago, De Munnik has been interested in how advertising works. Of all the disciplines within the profession, he chose to specialize in building, maintaining and revitalizing brands. He was the first among his peers to engage in dialogue with the social psychologists and behavioral economics theorists who descended onto the field and was right there from the beginning, when neuroscientists became involved in marketing. He founded Neurensics along with acclaimed cognitive neuroscientist Professor Dr. Victor Lamme of the University of Amsterdam.The fast growing field of neuromarketing provides us with astounding insight into consumer experience using MRI scanners to literally take a look inside the living brain.

De Munnik’s broad background and unique neuromarketing expertise make him an inspirational strategist in demand by companies around the world to advise them on developing profitable marketing and branding strategies. De Munnik routinely holds workshops and lectures on such topics as how the consumer brain works, activating the “buy button” and practical applications for the latest neuropsychological findings in marketing. He is known for his engaging and animated speaking style, and he illustrates his presentations with the results of his own fMRI research, providing spectacular takeaway points for anyone who earns their living from influencing behavior.

Martin speaks on Music: Understanding the Effect of Music on Retail Sales
- Academic research on background music and sales correlation
- New fMRI research revealing most effective playlists in different categories