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shopper brain conference
AMSTERDAM, October 30-november 1, 2019
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Ruud Schuijt

"He makes difficult things look easy". That is what an associate answered when challenged to appoint skills to Ruud. As developer of new or improved business models, Ruud has sharp eye for opportunities and a strong desire to make things happen. Though he has the ability to come up with new ideas by the week, he and his team know which one to pick and go for. His latest launch is Rednun's data-driven Video Engagement, a marketing executive system that either helps companies monetize what's in their (Big) Data and/or CRM tools, or boosts sales conversion.

As data-marketing is gaining momentum rapidly, the basis of an ever increasing amount of campaings is a database with filled with customer data. User data and personalia are combined with profiles so that smart algorithms will predict every customers next move. Rednun is used to work with customer science companies that harvest the value hidden in the data, so the client knows which customer is ready for a renewal, or looking for an alternative. Adding as much (individual) relevance as possible, Rednun is very successful in making the predictions of the data scientists actionable.

Ruud speaks on Applying Insights from Behavioral Economics in Big Data
- Predicting sales, churn, support costs on individual scale
- The psychology of relevance in big data analyses
- Monetizing data-driven insights with videos that whisper to the brain