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A Case Study: Does Neuromarketing help to Evaluate Designs and Predict Actual Sales Figures?
June 23, 2017 1:45PM

How to solve a client’s dilemma of gaining new markets without losing old ones? Together with Prof. Dr. Bernd Weber and Bünting Tea Gesa Lischka tested different designs of tea packaging in the fMRI. Bünting is a well-known tea brand in the north of Germany and also owns supermarkets all over Germany. Their dilemma was, that they have very loyal clients in the North of Germany (unsupported brand awareness of Bünting tea in the North of Germany is higher than that of Coca Cola!). However, in the south of Germany hardly anybody knows the brand. Their goal was to gain market share in the South (therefore they had to adapt the design) without losing shares in the North of Germany.

Audience take-aways:
- How to use an fMRI for evaluating design
- Theory translated into real life practice
- A how to description interesting for agencies and industry clients

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