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shopper brain conference
NEW YORK, November 19-21, 2019
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Juan Roberto Castro

JR is the Head of Neurons Inc LatAm lead by Dr. Thomas Z. Ramsøy,PhD. ( He is an architect with several post-degrees in finance, marketing, neuroeconomics and neuromarketing and he is one of the leading figures in CenAm in Neuromarketing & NeuroArchitecture services. Leader entrepreneur and keynote speaker all over LatAm, Juan Roberto has worked in the last three year in spreading the knowledge about Applied Neurocience in to business, retail, marketing and specially architecture, where most of his accomplishes are.

With almost 20 years of experience in project and business conceptualisation, design and execution, he has been involve in more than 50 successful project developments in Guatemala and Centro America, the last three of them gained several recognitions for the hight return on investment performance they had. Also has helped companies like Honda, Procasa, Legion and Alimentos Maravilla to create business models, marketing strategies and product / packaging design with very successful results.