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Dublin, October 25-26, 2023
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Herb Sorensen

Herb Sorensen, Ph.D. is a pre-­eminent authority on observing and measuring shopping behavior And attitudes. In 2013 he received the AMA’s Parlin Award and in 2007 shared the AMA EXPLOR award with colleagues at Wharton. Herb is an adjunct of the Ehrenberg-­‐Bass Institute of the University of South Australia and Scientific Advisor to the TNS Global Retail & Shopper Practice, serving fortune 100 retailers and consumer packaged goods manufacturers throughout the world for more than 40 years.

Herb is in high demand by the world’s leading brands and retailers for his unique, razor sharp insights into shopper behavior; the subject of Inside The Mind of the Shopper published by Wharton School Publishing in 2009, and remaining a consistent top seller since. He has been quoted in The Wall St. Journal, Forbes, Business Week, and on MSNBC, and was an expert on shopper eye-­‐tracking for the Dr. Oz show. He is a Brain Trust panelist for and writes a regular blog on shopper insights at