shopper brain conference asia
SINGAPORE, November 29-30, 2023
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Day 1: Stores, Brands, Emotions, and Shoppers
Singapore - Wednesday, November 29, 2023
The program is subject to change.

9:00Welcome coffee & registration 
9:30Opening by the master of ceremonies


Creating Habit-Forming Products
• Customer habit formation model utilized by successful tech companies
• Common design patterns of habit-forming products
• The psychological drivers of user behavior and how to build products catering to core human needs
Nir Eyal, best-selling author of Hooked and Indistractable


Enhanced Customer Experiences by Understanding Shopper Behavior with AI
• Data-driven approaches for creating exceptional shopper experiences that drive loyalty
• Utilizing AI and technology to improve the digital customer experience and identify e-commerce opportunities
• Creating experience-related strategies to maximize spending in concept stores 
Speaker to be announced


Coffee Break



Measuring Attention to Drive Sales
• The meaning and implications of 'customer attention' in practice
• What is the link between attention and sales?
• How Mars uses attention as a content optimization tool
Sorin Patilinet, Global Marketing Insights Director, Mars

11:45 Creating Sound Logos and Visual Cues to Connotate Healthy Foods
• The neuroscience of non-verbal communication
• When sound logos are effective
• Case study on promoting healthy foods with nudges
Gemma Calvert, Professor of Consumer Neuroscience, NTU / Co-Founder, Split Second Research

12:30Lunch break


The Metaverse in Asia
Navigating the Next Internet: Transforming How We Live, Work, and Play
• Explore the developments in the metaverse and AI that are driving the evolution of the internet
• Case studies on how the next internet are already impacting millions today
• Discover strategies for navigating this rapidly evolving digital landscape
Michelle Tan, Senior Executive at Deloitte Center for the Edge, Southeast Asia, co-author of Deloitte’s recent report on The Metaverse in Asia


Brand Relevance: Strategies to Forge an Unbreakable Connection With Your Audience
• Understand the fundamentals of brand relevance
• Discover effective methods to emotionally engage with customers
• Develop purpose-driven messaging that reflects your brand’s identity
Speaker to be announced


Coffee Break

15:45Tantalizing Touchpoints
• Understand the emotional world of the shopper and the impact of different touchpoints
• Analyze which touchpoints determine customer satisfaction most
• Leverage collected data to better understand the shopper-touchpoint relationship
Speaker to be announced

16:15Business Case: Data-Driven Touchpoint Alignment
• The trouble with the huge amount of touchpoints
• Combining operational, marketing, customer, emotional, and competitive research data to understand journeys
• Creating an excellent customer experience that lasts the entire customer journey
Speaker to be announced

16:45Wrap-up & Networking Drinks
19:00Conference Dinner
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